Glamorous Makeup  
Glowing Mini Facial 
Glitter Tattoos
  • Dazzle your little one up by adding a touch of eye shadow, blush, and lipstick 


Price: $8

  • Glow your princess with are edible Face masks with sprinkle and cucumber for the cute little eyes 


Cotton Candy Drinks

  • You get our sweet & delicious Cotton Candy Drinks for up to 6 girls.



Price: $15 for 6 girls

  • You get personalized invitations. (DIGITAL COPY ONLY).


Price: $8

Cutie Hair
Goody Bags
  • Goodie bags include Candy, Toys, Beauty Stuff, and Jewelry.


Price: $25 for 6 girls

  • Add any decorations and theme for your birthday 


 1 hour extra
  • You can add this to any service and birthday party 


  • Get Braids and Updos 

  • Get Colorful hair with Feathers

Price...$3 per pieces ...$10 per 4 pieces

Cupcakes Decoration 

Sugar Scrub 

  • Choose from various styles and colors

  • The Shimmer in the Light!

  • They last up to One Week



Price: $5

  • You get two boxes of pizza. (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).

  • Price: $25 For 8 Girls

Candy Buffet
  •  Glass vases of candy: Gummy, skittles, Twizzlers, m&m's and more. (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY). 
  • Price: $20 for 6 girls



  • You can add princess Moana, Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, Tianna, Ariel and more.

  • play, sing, dress up and more!!! 

Price...$80 for 1 hour; this must be added to a party.


Price...$110 for 1 hour: can be added to any service 


Doughnut Wall 

  • DIY your cupcake with sprinkles and candy (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).

Price....$10 for 6 girls 

  • Each princess will make her own sugar scrub by choosing her own color, scent & adding glitter & sprinkles.



Prices.....$10 for 3 scoops.

  • Add your specialty doughnut to your party (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).

​Prices.....$20 for 6 girls.