Don't pass up the chance to make your birthday celebration and spa day even more enjoyable. Some of these extras can be incorporated into a spa day or a birthday celebration.

Doughnut Wall


Cupcakes Decoration 

  • Add your specialty doughnut to your party (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).​​

Prices.....$30 for 6 girls.

  • You can add princess and fairytale Moana, Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, Tiana, Ariel , Sleeping Beauty and more.

  • play, sing, dress up and more!!! 

Price...$100 for 1 hour; this must be added to a party.

 Price...$150 for 1 hour: can be added to any service 

  • DIY your cupcake with sprinkles and candy (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).


Price....$12 for 6 girls 

Custom Goody Bags 

Custom goodie bags. pick from a Gable box , Pyramid box or milk box , and  any theme/ design of choose. 

** it does not come with stuff inside**

Prices...$..35 for 6 girls

Goodie bags stuffer: candy,  lipgloss, nail polish, toys 

Prices..$15 for 6 girls 


  • You get personalized invitations to match your party. (DIGITAL COPY ONLY).


Price: $8

Cotton Candy Drinks

  • You get our sweet & delicious Cotton Candy Drinks.


Price: $15 for 6 girls

Sugar Srub 

  • Each princess will make her own sugar scrub by choosing her own color, scent & adding glitter & sprinkles.


Prices.....$10 for 3 scoops


  • Add chicken Nuggets ( ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).​

Prices.....$25 for 6 girls 

Goody Bags 

Gable box with candies, mini nail polish, lipstick/lipgloss , bracelet/necklace and toy.

Prices:...$25 for 6 girls 


Two boxes of pizzas. ( ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).

Prices....$30 for 8 girls 


  • Add any decorations theme to your birthday party ( include theme balloons, background and sweet table decorations). ​


Candy Buffet

  •  Glass vases of candy with multiple differnt candies  . (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).   
Price: $20 for 6 girls

Extra times 

  • 30 min....$40

  • 1 hour...$80

Can be added to birthday party and spa day!

Upgrade Cotton Candy Drinks 

  • Upgrade Cotton candy drinks with sugar sprinkle on the top and strawberries drink. 

Prices...$20 for 6 girls 

Custom Chips Bags 

  • Custom your chip bag to have any design/ theme to mach your daughter birthday party 

Prices..$25 for 6 girls 

Ice Cream 

  • Get your favorite flavor of ice cream choose from : Chocolate , Vanilla , strawberry, Birthday Cake , Cookie and cream.( ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).

Prices .....$20 for 6 scoop 

  • Extras napkins, plates, forks , cups, spoons.

Prices.....$8 for 10 of each item.( ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).


  • Bake your vanilla mug cake with sprinkles 


Vanilla Mug Cake

Spa Services 

Click here to see the single spa services that can be added for extra services to your birthday celebration or spa day !