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Don't pass up the chance to make your birthday celebration and spa day even more enjoyable. Some of these extras can be incorporated into a spa day or a birthday celebration.

Doughnut Wall

  • Add your specialty doughnut to your party (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).​​

Prices.....$30 for 6 girls.



  • You can add princess and fairytale Moana, Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, Tiana, Ariel , Sleeping Beauty and more.

  • play, sing, dress up and more!!! 

Price...$100 for 1 hour; this must be added to a party.( This add-ons required 2 weeks notice.)

 Price...$150 for 1 hour: can be added to any service 

Custom Goody Bags 

Custom goodie bags. pick from a Gable box , Pyramid box or milk box , and  any theme/ design of choose. 

** it does not come with stuff inside**

Prices...$..35 for 6 girls

( This add-ons required 2 weeks notice.)

Goodie bags stuffer: candy,  lipgloss, nail polish, toys 

Prices..$15 for 6 girls 


  • You get personalized invitations to match your party. (DIGITAL COPY ONLY).


Price: $8

Cotton Candy Drinks

  • You get our sweet & delicious Cotton Candy Drinks.


Price: $15 for 6 girls



  • Create your own Shimmer Lotion...$13 per child .

  • Create Lip Gloss ....$10 per child 

  • Create your own Sugar Scrub Sundae..$11 per child.

Goody Bags 

Gable box with candies, mini nail polish, lipstick/lipgloss , bracelet/necklace and toy.

Prices:...$25 for 6 girls 


Two boxes of pizzas. ( ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).

Prices....$30 for 8 girls 

Candy Buffet

  •  Glass vases of candy with multiple differnt candies  . (ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).   
Price: $20 for 6 girls

Extra times 

Upgrade Cotton Candy Drinks 

  • Upgrade Cotton candy drinks with sugar sprinkle on the top and strawberries drink. 

Prices...$20 for 6 girls 

Custom Chips Bags 

  • 30 min....$40

  • 1 hour...$80

  • Custom your chip bag to have any design/ theme to mach your daughter birthday party 

Prices..$25 for 6 girls 


  • Add chicken Nuggets ( ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).​

Prices.....$25 for 6 girls 

  • Extras napkins, plates, forks , cups, spoons.

Prices.....$8 for 10 of each item.( ONLY BIRTHDAY PARTY).



Fruits/ vegetables Snack

apple slice with caramel , grapes, celery with ranch , carrots and oranges.

Prices....$25 for 6 girls 

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