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Cutie Tootie 

 6 Kids including the birthday girl. Max 25 girls.Each additional Girl is $30 Extra .If 15 girls or more  additional hour is required

  • 2 hours

  • Manicutie for all girls

  • Pedicutie for all girls

  • The birthday girl will get a nail art design of her choice on both hands, and feet

  • Birthday Sash and Tiara for Birthday girl to Keep. 

  • Spa Robes to Use. 

  • Special Seat For The Birthday Girl. 

  • Make up session for the birthday girl

  • Complimentary cupcakes

  • Drinks

  • Decorations

  • Our VIP ROOM to celebrate such an important event!

  • The girls will get to play dress up and do karaoke, get ready to party

  • Singing, Dancing, Games  (Choose from Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, Hula Hoop Contest, Limbo, Singing to a favorite song and much more.)


$310 plus taxes 

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