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Under the sea 

Under the sea 

  • 2 Hours 

  • Cutie Pedi. 

  • Glamorous  Mermaid makeup( glitter and Mini diamond) 

  • Mermaid hair for the birthday girl ( braid with sparkles and some sea pearl)

  • Mermaid and under the sea decoration Provided.

  • Mermaid drinks.

  • Mermaid Cupcakes. 

  • Mermaid snack.

  • Spa robe for the little mermaid to used during the birthday party 

  • Tiara for the birthday girl to use during the party ( little mermaid is going to give her the tiara ) 

  • Little mermaid appearance for 1 hour

  • Music Provide

  • play and sing along! (Choose from Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs, Hula Hoop Contest, Limbo, Singing to favorite song and much more.

Under the sea 


Up to 7 girls include the birthday girls. Max 25 girls. ( Each additional Girls is $35 dollars ) if  15 girls or more an additional is required.

Plus taxes 
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